Khoury Office Hours App
Khoury Office Hours App

Khoury Office Hours App

Our mission is to enhance the student experience by making office hours more efficient and transparent.

"As a member of the CS2500 staff, the Khoury Office Hours app is indispensable. It’s seamless to use and has saved me and other staff countless hours throughout the semester with its queue system." - Ryan Drew, CS2500 TA

Current Usage

Last updated - April 23rd, 2021


16 Courses Enrolled


2,500+ Total Users


32,000+ Questions Asked




What courses currently use Khoury Office Hours?

CS 2500: Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 CS 2510: Fundamentals of Computer Science 2 CS 3500: Object Oriented Design CS 3700: Networks and Distributed Systems

What format of office hours is used in Khoury Office Hours?

Khoury Office Hours uses a queue that follows a Q&A format, where students join the queue by describing their question and TA's help students one by one. Khoury Office Hours integrates with Microsoft Teams to facilitate these one-on-one calls, allowing TA's to easily contact students with the click of a button.

How complicated is it to set up Khoury Office Hours for my course?

The process is pretty straightforward! After emailing us, we'll ask for your course calendar URL and add your course to our system. From this point, anyone enrolled in your course will be able to log in to the app at We'll also send our Help Guide, which you can forward to your students and staff to get started with the app.

How do I get started using Khoury Office Hours in my course?

Send us an email at and we'll work with you from there! We'll also invite you to a Microsoft Teams group for easier collaboration and messaging.

What do I do if I have to make an adjustment to the office hour calendar?

We scrape the office hour calendars every night at midnight, so if you get your change in before midnight it'll update in the app the next day. If you have to make a last minute change, message the Microsoft Teams group and one of us can manually scrape the calendars.

Who can I reach out to if I notice a problem with the application?

You can file a bug report here, or email us at


The office hours app was built by a group of students in Sandbox in collaboration with Alan Mislove and Alex Grob at Khoury College. The team will to continue to develop new features and maintain the app for many semesters to come.



Got any questions for us? Send us an email at