January 31st, 2021

🌟 New Features

Profile Pictures #494 - Users can now upload profile pictures to make themselves more recognizable on the app

Professors Manually Refresh Office Hours #484 - Professors can now manually refresh the office hours schedule from the home page after any schedule updates


Professor Office Hours #505 - Professors can now hold office hours separately from students
Logging Out #468 - Users can now log out of the app

🐛 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Added a link to our Github Discussions (if you want to contact the team, feel free to reach out on discussions!) #462
  • Zero Downtime Deploys #492
  • TA's can remove questions that're in Drafting now #450
  • Deploy Scripts #521
  • Typo fixes (Thanks @ethan-leba!) #550
  • Overriding Khoury data to manually add students #563