November 22, 2020

🌟 New Features

Priority Queue #405 - TA's can now send students they attempt to help to a separate queue so that students don't have to return to the bottom of the queue while receiving help.

The priority queue is a new feature that takes precedence over the normal queue, and students are placed in the priority queue by a TA who has attempted to help them.

Priority queue introduces two new tools to TA's for when they are helping students: Requeue Student and Can't Find.

  • Requeue Student temporarily removes a student from the queue. When the student is ready to rejoin the queue, they can click a button to be sent straight into the priority queue. This action should be used when you want to delay helping a student for any reason, such as asking them to finish a task or letting a different TA help them.
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  • Can't Find marks a student as missing when a TA isn't able to reach them. The student is temporarily removed from the queue, and given the option to join the priority queue when they come back to their computer.
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🐛 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix calendar timezone multi-day spillover bug #410
  • Fix bug where student banner wasn't updating properly #414
  • Redesign banner buttons to icons with tooltips #419
  • Minor fix for notification HTTP request #422
  • Add new column to track when a question is first helped for data analytics #428